For nine generations the Justo family has traveled outside of time by opening portals into eternity. Flying in an eternal river of fire is fast and exciting, but it's also dangerous: you have to be a good person or the voyage kills you! Are you ready to step outside of time and enter the realm of eternity? Danger, life or death consequences - straight ahead!

When Marion Justo inherits has family's most prized possession, the starship Isian, he is attacked by pirates, forcing him to open an uncharted portal through eternity to escape. With a badly damaged ship, and lost in a strange universe, the young captain crash lands on Earth with only a dim hope of survival.

Pirates, starship battles, angels, robots, and holographic humanoids... bullies, junior high principals, golden boots... the IRS, FBI and CIA all come together in a remarkable story of bravery, integrity and love, creating a reading adventure that will move your heart and stay with you forever!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Space Travel 101

I have been on a space voyage for the last year and a half. I just returned recently and brought my next book back with me. It's called Captain Justo: Valley of Bones. In this next installment of the Captain Justo Cycle, a black hole turns out to be a door to an alternate dimention where our favorite space captain, Marion James Justo, comes face to face with the former High King of Atlantis. He is warned that the evil forces that flooded Atlantis are coming to destroy the rest of humanity, including Earth. Mummies, ghosts warriors, Atlantean royalty, space pirates, invincible warriors ready to destroy....have I caught your attention yet?

I would like to thank all my loyal fans who have read and enjoyed Captain Justo from the Planet Is. It is an honor to have such favorable comments. Every time I feel like giving up with my series I come across someone who gives me encouragement. I haven't been lounging around. I have been aggressively writing the next book in the series. Captain Justo: The Valley of Bones is completed and all I am waiting for is the art for the cover. I release this book with trepidation. Can it match the success of the first book? Will children love it as much as their parents? I don't know. All I know is I have poured by heart and soul into it. It has become as much a labor of love as the first book ever was. My creative projects always push me past my limits. I offer my new book to you with all the hope and anticipation as a mother bird letting its chick fly for the first time. I hope it soars.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Growth is Good

Growth is good, atrophy is bad. A follow up from my last post on happiness and what is good and what is bad. I continue to have people ask, so what is good? I still insist that things that make you happy are good, but there is another component, you can't be happy unless you are growing. Growth doesn't come by accident or by chance, it takes effort.

Happiness also includes helping other people to grow. The man or woman who gains wealth, fame or experience at the expense of others really isn't growing because it can't be sustained. As soon as the trampled on people wisen up and leave, the person is left to fall, like a building built without a firm foundation.

I am selling currently selling my book at the Provo Towne Mall, the University Mall and Valley Fair Mall. For the next few weeks I will be at the University Mall at the store Games People Play. Stop by and say hi. I'd love to get your input.